This week I worked on the video for the campaign and expanded the organizational background information to express that  PRISMS is a non-profit organization that focuses on expanding public awareness about Smith-Magenis Syndrome (or SMS) a rare genetic condition related to the 17th Chromosome that results in delayed development, intellectual disabilities, self-injurious behaviors, and an inverted sleep cycle. The video also incorporated the final three assets:  the social media sites, membership package and donor package.

This has been a challenging course exploring the various methods and formats of infographics.  Infographics can be very useful in displaying complex information in a visual format that is easier to understand. They require a great deal of research and, planning to display the information in a concise manner which is visually engaging and leads the viewer through the desired story path. I struggled with including the volume of information required for the infographic this month.  I could see the story that could be visually expressed in the history and services of the organization, I was comfortable with its utilization for exploring Smith-Magenis Syndrome, and the style specifications, however incorporating all three and adding the campaign assets let me into a complex configuration I was unable to solve to my satisfaction in the allotted time with competing priorities.

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