The client was looking for logo structure that would be unified across their multiple locations while having an element of differentiation to allow for quick identification of each location. The new system needed to extend beyond a logo and identity system and become the foundation for a new brand strategy.

Chair with scarves

In developing a logo mark that would most accurately represent the organization while maintaining visual cues as to the individual offices we first started by exploring the character of the practice and it’s founder Marcia Rementer, DMD. After performing a discovery we recognized that Dr. Rementer had a lover for the ocean and desired to bring the calm and serenity that she found there into her practice. She also wanted to have a mark that could speak to her desire to be an all-encompassing dental service eliminating the need for her patients to seek care outside of the practice for specialty services. The mark that we developed answered these needs in that is was a smile, a wave, and a roof under which all her services could be housed. By shifting the color of the mark and replacing the overarching location name (North Carolina) with the individual practice location, we were able to provide her with a mark that could grow with her practice while allowing both staff and patients a quick point of reference to ensure they were in the correct office location. We also identified imagery and colors that would reinforce the calming nature of the ocean theme that was used as identifying colors for each of the practice offices, as well as a secondary palette that would be integrated across all of the offices.

RGB__Greensboro CDE v2
RGB__Durham CDE v2
RGB__Chatham CDE v2
RGB__Burlington CDE v2
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