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To have a text field expand as your user types in it and shift the form fields below down the page you need to...

  1. Create new document
  2. Save your document as an Adobe Dynamic XML Form (*.pdf) See Saving Dynamic Forms.
  3. Create your form field inside of Subforms. See Inserting Subforms

When you create the subform that contains the form field that you want to expand be sure that its layout is set without any fields to the side of it. (This subfield will have to be set to "flowed" which will cause all fields to stack one on top of the other.)


The text field itself needs to be set to multi-lines and the expand height (and/or width) check box needs to be checked.

LCD-TextField-allowMultiLines.jpg LCD-TextField-expandFit.jpg

Subfields following the "flowed" field can be set to flowed or positioned as necessary.

Now to get it to work you will need to set the page to flowed. Highlight (untitled subform) (page1) and follow same procedure as in step 3. This it why you need to build the form using sub forms or the entire document would flow one field on top of the other down the left hand side of the page. <p>Save document (Ctrl-S)

Be sure to test all the fields in the form before distributing.

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