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Wisdom-Soft Screen Hunter

I am currently using Screen Hunter 5.0 Pro. It's a screen capture (snip-it) program. It allows you to make a rectangle on the screen and capture (to a file &/or clipboard) what is within the rectangle.

You can check it out at: Wisdom-Soft


A wonderful notepad replacement that has tabbed documents across the top & you can set for different types of content - HTML, CSS, etc.

Check it out here: Notepad++


A wonderful plug-in for Firefox / Internet Explorer that will insert a link to images found during a Google or Yahoo image search back to the stock image site where appropriately licensed versions of the images are available. This will aid in finding and procuring images for presentations, documents or other deisgn work while insuring that all utilized images adhere to proper licensing. Plug-ins are available from PicScout.

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