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Office 2007

New feature: Office 2007 has the ability to print to PDF. This feature is not enabled when you install the product. To enable this feature you will need to install a Microsoft Authorized plu-in. Step by step instruction on how to enable this feature are located here After installation if you need instruction on how to make a PDF using the new plug-in you can find them here.

Print Screen: Did you know that the Print Screen button on your keyboard won't actually print your screen, but it will take a "screen shot" and save it to your clipboard. Open a word processing, painting, or graphics program and paste the image into a document.

Some operating systems (like lynx) will not only save it to your clipboard but will save a jpg of the file.

MS Word embedded images

Have you ever been given a word document that you needed to pull images from?

Here's a quick way of pulling all the images out of a Word document at one time.

  1. Make sure you can view the extensions of your files (i.e. doc, docx). If you can't turn this on in the windows explorer under Tools / Folder Options Click on the View Tab and make sure "Hide extensions for known file types" is unchecked. Click Apply and look at your files to confirm the extensions are visible.
  2. Right click the file you need to extract the images from and select Rename.
  3. Change the DOC or DOCX to ZIP
  4. Press enter. A warning will pop up asking if you want to change the type... click YES.
  5. Right click the new ZIP file. Select "Open With" / "Compressed (Zipped) Folders"
  6. Click on Word / Media and you will file all the images uses in the Word document.

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