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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  • Stock Art - usage rights
  • Metadata
  • Archiving - key items to have in file name:
    • business unit
    • brand
    • outside customer
    • client (department)
    • project date
    • stage of project
    • version
    • type of media
    • purpose (educational, sales aid, internal presentation

PPPPPP (6 P's)

Prosper Process Prevents Piss-Poor Performance

Creating a Plan

  1. Write down the process as you believe it to be
  2. Meet with team to refine initial process draft
  3. Review plan with client and other departments to confirm accuracy and validity
  4. Refine
  5. Get final buy-in from key stakeholders and staff
  6. Result: a flowchart that details the life cycle of a project.

  7. Every step has a task associated with it
    • multiple staff? - create work instructions for each
    • are policies associated with task? - identify / write if needed

    Result: a chart that lists the participants in each particular step and describes the tasks need to be performed

Implementation of Plan

Training and Education

  • seminars
  • hard copy training materials
  • web-based education modules
  • certification (testing)
  • presentation & leave behinds for clients

Purpose: to create a mindset to recognize value of procedures and their adherence

Formal Capabilities Presentation

  • Create a catalog of all services provided and document cost savings
  • showcase professionalism and commitment

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