Our design services fall into a few main categories: Graphic Design, Strategic Design, Dynamic Forms, Image Manipulation, Interactive Design, and Video



Graphic Design services provide an array of project types that are typically provided by a designer. These are project in which a client approaches a design with a set action in mind without discussion or disclosure about the purpose behind the project or what problems are attempting to be solved.

These projects includes such items as:

  • logo / brand marks
  • stationary design
  • business cards
  • postcards
  • brochures
  • identification cards
  • trade show materials
  • newsletters
  • mailing labels
  • presentation folders
  • posters
  • bumper stickers
  • labels
  • presentations



Strategic Design also offers the same services that our standard Graphic Design category however it is anticipated that the designer is brought into the conversation earlier in a project and that the designer is being approached to provide solutions to business problems presented NOT to complete an already determined course of action. When you ask for a strategic design consultation you are coming to a designer with a business problem.

i.e. (A) You many need to attract more clients to your business.  (B) Clients appear confused by who is sending them marketing materials.  

With these issue you may need a graphic solution, however the problems themselves are not graphics.  

For (A) a postcard may help, but it could be a more complex issue than just sending out a another piece of marketing.  Are you focused on the correct audience?  Is your marketing targeted?  Do you need to develop a campaign that has multiple touch points.  Do you need an email campaign, in addition to direct mail?  

For (B) this could be solved by “redesigning” your marketing material, but you may be in more need of a branding program that would develop a standard for how all of your marketing materials appear, as well as the tone or voice of these pieces, how your employees interact with customers and even what type of social media presence you may have.

These conversations do not obligate you to engage in all, or even any, of the suggested solutions, but they do allow you to benefit from the expertise and experience of individuals who are constantly creating new designs, and working hand in hand with marketing firms and media experts.



Dynamic forms are documents that have interactive fields. However, these are not just fields where you are able to enter information in a specified size text box, but documents where text areas expand to include large text entries, and the remainder of the document will re-flow to accommodate the inserted text. These can include forms that perform calculations with the insertion of quantity elements, drop down menus and documents that will auto-fill sections of the document from an initial selection.




Retouching services include a variety of activities. Images may require simple color correction, blemish removal, or the addition/removal of people and objects from a photo. Retouching also includes more dramatic results such as creating a complete transformation of the subject.


Restoration in the process of taking an image, converting it to a high quality digital file and recreating and repairing the damaged, faded and distressed areas. This processes may require recreating area of the image that have been damaged beyond recognition.


Converting images that are black and white, sepia, or have lost their color due to the passage of time and recreate the vibrancy you are looking for.



Any media that you interact with is considered dynamic media. This includes the web, e-books, and magazines, particularly those that require interaction through flash / java / or HTML 5 scripting.



Motion graphics can consist of simple logo animations to feature films. The final goal is a dynamic visual element which can be used in a multitude of ways to connect with your target audience.