Cassie McDaniel states in her article Design Criticism and the Creative Process the critique of a design project assists the designer and project by ensuring that the work that is being developed is on target for fulfilling the project’s ultimate goal.  Beyond this there are many benefits to the designer and the design process in general that goes beyond the on target completion of a single project.  This is an opportunity to have others become invested in the project, to have the designer and the design process seen not as a necessary evil, but as an integral part of the development process.  I have found this to be especially true in, in-house design departments where co-workers are pushed to use the team’s services, but have not been educated on the actual benefits of strong and cohesive design on the success of the end produce.  Early critiques also help to eliminate the amount of change orders that result when the project is “not quite right” by allowing for micro, or macro, changes throughout the design process.


McDaniel, Cassie (January 11, 2011). Design criticism and the creative process. Graphic design, creativity.  A list apart.  Retrieved on January 26, 2013 from

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