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The W Hotel Midtown Atlanta, GA

This weekend I’m in windy Atlanta, Georgia. I’m at a marketing/business development conference. It’s been an interesting experience. I’d love to say it’s been wonderful, but unfortunately a broken shower, less than stellar food, and a chilly meeting room has made for a memorable weekend.

Thankfully, the Attendees have been nice and had some enjoyable conversations and networking.

Tomorrow it’s back to the office and to put everything into practice

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Branding: A Series – Touchpoints

There are a variety of ways that our brand reaches out to our prospective clients.  These touchpoints help to develop our relationship and influence current and prospective clients on how they view and feel about our company or organization.  We are not able to control all of these points, however those we can we need to be proactively monitored and managed.

Some touchpoint for a brand are what some consider to be "the brand" the logo, the stationary, the signage.   True these are all elements of the brand but there so many other ways in which we reach out to our current and prospective clients: products, social media, news stories, videos, person-to-person interactions, events, sponsorship, websites, and print materials to name a few.

As I mentioned the last post, the receptionist for your organization is the first person to person touch that someone may have, and this can either be a strong positive moment or detrimental to how you want your organization and your brand perceived. Personal experiences can be somewhat controlled through training and policy, but people are people and they don't always do what we, or the organization, would like so you may need to have a damage control plan in place to help make sure that you can turn a negative experience back into a positive one.

The exposure doesn't stop there it's in the marketing materials that you create and send out, the Twitter feed, Facebook page, your Instagram - and all your social media.  You need to be aware of the tone of the conversations that are being had in these outlets so that you may support the positive and do damage control if something negative goes out. Remember you have control of YOUR accounts but the rest of the world gets to comment and hashtag about you to their heart's content.  So your goal is to make sure what's trending about your organization is in alignment with your brand and company values. The best plan is to have happy clients, and employees, adhere to your organization values and not get associated with anything that could be negative, but if you're unable to make that utopian concept a reality, have a damage control plan to help mitigate any situation that may arise.

The thing that I want you take away from today's post is that your brand is more than a graphic, a logo, a set of colors.  It's the people, the experiences, and the perception of who your organization is.  It's not all in your control, but what you can do is make sure that where you come in contact with people in general that you are keeping those interactions in alignment with how your organization wants to be seen,  It's the accumulation of all those, sometime insignificant, moments that will create the public's perception.  Wonderful graphics, images, and whole new re-branding campaign are pointless if your product doesn't do what it's suppose to, your sale people are rude, or no one returns a phone call.


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The Importance of Backing up Your Website

For anyone who may have noticed... my site has been up and down for the past 24 + hours. A lovely little update to WordPress to 4.3 and a plugin broke = braking the whole site. I jumped the gun and "restored" to an earlier version. Discovered the fix, but by then the restore was in the queue and I was unable to stop it. That when I ran a back up of my site (a practice I should do more often anyhow). This move allowed me to have an up to date version of my site. Although I had to go through the restore and then subsequent updates - which through out all my template customizations and formating when I got back to 4.3 I was able to run my restore and Voilà! my site was back. Thank goodness for that back up otherwise hours of customization and years of content would have vanished with my hasty restore due to a plugin that needed a simple update.

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CodeSpell (the game that teaches you Java)

Just checked out the link to the CodeSpell download pages and saw that they have posted a Windows version (beta). So if anyone wants to check it out, it's now available for both Mac & Windows systems.

Download Page: https://sites.google.com/a/eng.ucsd.edu/codespells/downloads

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Updated BLL Website

Updated Bethlehem Little League Website

Updated BLL Website

The Bethlehem Little League website had their colors updated for the 2013 Spring season.

The new team listing is up and the coaches are being encouraged to update their team rosters and stats.

Good Luck to all the players. I hope you have a fun & successful season!

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