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Acrobat – Rich Text Formating

Did you know that you can create forms in Adobe Acrobat that will allow you to change the font size, weight, and color of the text you enter into the form fields?


When you set up the text fields in your form make sure that you check the box in the properties dialog box that says to use rich text formatting.

Form Field Property (1)

Now when you are entering text into the form and press CTRL-E it will open up a contextual panels that will allow you to change the font, weight ( bold/italic), size, color and if you look under the advanced options even line spacing!Form Field Property Pannel

Why is this important? Well, for general forms this gives the person filling it out the form to use emphasis. It’s even better is when you are creating a form for a document that will need to have the copy changed and reused. For example, mailing labels, cd labels, and other documents that need consistent design, but a limited space for content, so you may eyed to change a title, or other content.

So next time you create a PDF form - include a little creativity and formatting freedom and set your text fields to Rich Text Formatting.

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A great resource for learning about grid systems can be found at: http://www.thegridsystem.org/.  The Grid System provides links to articles, tools, books, templates and blogs that deal with using a grid system in your design.


The Grid System (2012). The grid system.  Retrieved on December 11, 2012 from http://www.thegridsystem.org 

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