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The Importance of Backing up Your Website

For anyone who may have noticed... my site has been up and down for the past 24 + hours. A lovely little update to WordPress to 4.3 and a plugin broke = braking the whole site. I jumped the gun and "restored" to an earlier version. Discovered the fix, but by then the restore was in the queue and I was unable to stop it. That when I ran a back up of my site (a practice I should do more often anyhow). This move allowed me to have an up to date version of my site. Although I had to go through the restore and then subsequent updates - which through out all my template customizations and formating when I got back to 4.3 I was able to run my restore and Voilà! my site was back. Thank goodness for that back up otherwise hours of customization and years of content would have vanished with my hasty restore due to a plugin that needed a simple update.

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Bethlehem Little League (Richmond, VA) New Logo

This week Bethlehem Little League approved their new logo.

Since there had been a degradation of the organizations "de facto" brand in the past few years, I recommended that the organization move away from their historical script logotype and transition to a clean, modern and forward moving type face which would support the organizations values and goals. With this new direction,  Univers was selected to be the foundation for the new logo design. This provides a modern feel (typically associated with san-serif typefaces), as well as stability and grounding (by utilizing a heavy weight). The utilization of italicized letter forms for the Bethlehem word mark produces  a subconscious perception of forward movement, with the addition of serifs on the letters B & E, the sense movement is enhanced.  

2013 New Logo Design, Full Organization Name

Alternate Logo: Hat Logo:
2013 New Logo Design, Alternate Logo 2013 New Logo Design, Hat logo

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CodeSpell (the game that teaches you Java)

Just checked out the link to the CodeSpell download pages and saw that they have posted a Windows version (beta). So if anyone wants to check it out, it's now available for both Mac & Windows systems.

Download Page:

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Updated BLL Website

Updated Bethlehem Little League Website

Updated BLL Website

The Bethlehem Little League website had their colors updated for the 2013 Spring season.

The new team listing is up and the coaches are being encouraged to update their team rosters and stats.

Good Luck to all the players. I hope you have a fun & successful season!

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Learn Java while Playing a Game

Just saw a news article about CodeSpells. It teaches you Java while playing a game.  It sounds great and as they’re currently working with 4th graders it can’t be too hard to learn with this format.  

Link to article: 

Currently available for download for OSX 10.5.  Windows versions to be released soon. 

Download Page:

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