Everyone wants to be remembered.  Every business, every service provider, and every product’s success hinges on being remembered.

Why? Because everyone uses products, and services that they remember. 

When you want to go out to eat, where do you go… places that you remember.

When you need to have your car fixed … again you head to a place you, or someone who’s opinion you value, remembers positively.

Ah, positively.  There’s the rub.  You need to not only be remembered, but remembered in the RIGHT way and for the RIGHT things.

What are you doing to help your business be remembered by your clients?  What steps have you taken to design their experience with your business?

Do they have a warm, enjoyment when they think of you?  Or have you left them out in the cold?  Is the relationship stale? Abandoned? Do they even remember who you are anymore?

Would you be interested in a user / client experience evaluation?  Would you like to see how you can improve the relationship with your clients so that your business is remembered?

My name is Alice Pettey, and I can help you discover how to make your business memeorable. My team can work with you through the elements that elements that can bring you back to the forefront of your client’s mind and help you grow and maintain those relationships.

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